We grow our own herbs & spices right here at SJ’S International Food Market. This is to ensure we are preparing our Thai food here in our kitchen with the freshest & cleanest ingredients possible. If we don’t grow it ourselves, then there is an 80% chance that it was grown locally in someone’s garden.

Fresh & Clean ingredients are one of our secrets when we prepare our made from scratch & made-to-order Authentic Thai Cuisines.

The picture shows the new build out of our garden, which is next to the outdoor patio for all to see.

We now haveĀ Loyalty Cards. Get a stamp for every $10 spent.
Get 10 stamps and receive $5 off your next purchase.

We have played around with our menu & added inside & outside seating for our customers. We offer great authentic Thai dishes & try not to Americanize any of our menu items–keeping it real & healthy. New menus in print now, but our kitchen is cooking good. Great healthy lunch alternative. Everything is coming together nicely, a little slow as we are a small family team, but remember quality takes time.

More work needed outside including umbrellas, palm trees & more fresh herbs & spices that we use in our kitchen for cooking. GRAND OPENING COMING SOON, however we have opened already to get started.

Trying to start growing our own bean sprouts, Thai peppers, citrus leaves & a few other daily ingredients we use in our Thai Kitchen right here at the store.

What kind of Pocky, Mochi, seaweed do you like? Come stop by SJ’s Thai Kitchen Market in Dunedin, FL for an international snack or some fresh hot Authentic Thai food made to order.

About 80% of our produce is locally grown by very small scale amateur farmers–most of which are elderly & selling their home grown produce to have some income. Here you see many of the popular vegetables used in Asian & Thai dishes. WE RESTOCK EVERY SATURDAY

Setting up our Freshly made daily Grab n Go specials including curries, Thai Salads, Fresh Springs Rolls & much more.