1108 Overcash Dr. Dunedin FL 34698, USA
(727) 736-1800

On Sept 24th we made Pad Kra Pao

What our guests say

This place was bookmarked on my yelp for a while and when I found out they do cooking demonstrations on Saturday I made sure to attend.
They advertise them as cooking classes but it is more a demonstration style. They provide you with the recipe on paper and you can follow along as they prep. They will get one or two participants to come and help cook the food once prep is done and them the prepared food is plated. All the attendees can get a small plate and scoop up their own portion for a tasting.

The owners are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. I have ordered their pad thai and pad ka prao before and loved it. Keep up with their fb page to follow their cooking demonstration schedule.

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