1108 Overcash Dr. Dunedin FL 34698, USA
(727) 736-1800



The food is on point. And the market is well stocked. I like that they had some grab and go prepared foods as well as the kitchen menu. Also a few tables for sitdown service. Good smells. Good tastes. Noodles. Fun.


The state pad Thai I’ve had in years! And the papaya salad is so good. Lots of variety in the market as well. Clean place and nice people!


Super SUPER genuine kind personable owners. Don’t know what I will do when the sticky rice and mango is no longer in season. Hopefully chef will make another delish dessert/plate. I can NOT wait to do the cooking classes on Saturdays. Need a couple surgeries BUT after that I plan on receiving any and all they are willing to teach. I wish this lovely hidden gem lots and lots of happiness, growth & prosperity. (Eeek on my way to get what I just ordered) Oh I didn’t even touch upon the quality from products used to preparation to pricing can NOT be beat.


What an incredible market and Thai restaurant. They made us for amazing vegan dishes and also very delicious spring rolls ? the owner was incredibly kind and is really excited about growing the vegan market in this region ?


I am so happy they are in Dunedin! They now only have Asian groceries, but Thai food cook to order! It is super fresh, they serve the main Thai dishes to satisfy your cravings. I’m excited to try their noodle soup, I’m guessing it’s only served on certain days since it’s not on menu. I will shop here, instead of going all the way to St. Pete. It’s perfect, so glad it’s close to home. I have a feeling they will be adding and upgrading more. The day we had a lunch, and artist was painting the store front. The customer service is outstanding.


First time I ate here was today. Very friendly and food was amazing!!! Lots to choose from in the market area too. I will be going here more often.


The food here is yummy. I tried the green curry and pad thai, both were very good. The flavors were different from typical dishes at most Thai restaurants.. somehow more wholesome and fresh, like a home cooked meal, without being overly sweet or salty. It’s like your friend’s mom, who cooks really well, wanted to open a little eatery and then decided to set up shop in the back of a market.. Very unassuming, but so on point. I hope they do well so I can keep coming back!


The most amazing food and friendly staff! I enjoyed the red curry and Thai tea for lunch and will return soon.


I finally found THE best Thai food in Florida – after searching for 16 years!!!! I just discovered that this market now has fresh Thai food. Oh. My. Goodness, the red curry was soooo good. My mouth has been happy all day!


Great market awesome food they have a small eating area but I take my food to go. food is made to order so Will have to wait a few but great market look around. friendly staff and have cooking classes.


Warning: tofu fried rice is addicting, with the sweet and spice sauce it is by far my favorite meal. The staff is great and their Veggies and fruit is always fresh and priced right. I always ask for recommendations, of new things to try and I am never disappointed. I have tried a new fruit, vegetable or desert every week for the last couple months. I highly recommend venturing through the isles as you wait for your food.


Love this place! Unique gem right in Dunedin. Great fresh food and grocery items. The oweners are friendly and love what they do.


This place was bookmarked on my yelp for a while and when I found out they do cooking demonstrations on saturday I made sure to attend.

They advertise them as cooking classes but it is more a demonstration style. They provide you with the recipe on paper and you can follow along as they prep. They will get one or two participants to come and help cook the food once prep is done and them the prepared food is plated. All the attendees can get a small plate and scoop up their own portion for a tasting.

The owners are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. I have ordered their pad thai and pad ka prao before and loved it. Keep up with their fb page to follow their cooking demonstration schedule.


This was some if the best Thai food I have had recently. It was cooked fresh and ready to go in 15 minutes for a very reasonable price. The store is very interesting and has unique items, everyone was very nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back.


Finally, I can update my review for this international food market. It has been changing hands for at least four times and I sincerely hope this one will stay for good. Not only the market resumes its oriental grocery stocks, but also its kitchen now prepare fresh Thai food, To my surprise, the coconut soup I had tasted just like one I had in Thailand. I did not expect that.

By reading the home page of SJ’s website, it seems they are going to add more items for both grocery section and cooked food. Moreover, the ingredients they use cooking at the kitchen are from their own back yard so it is fresh and tasty. I did not expect that also.

Although it is not MD supermarket, I can get most of the essential oriental grocery for cooking, that includes sauce, rice, seasoning, fresh vege and limited supplies of frozen meat. The market also carries Mideastern and Caribbean goods. Price are fair.

Shoppers can order food from the kitchen and eat in at their dinning area. The eating area is very neat and clean. Food are freshly made right at the kitchen. So far, the kitchen provide Thai soup, snack, salad, noodle, rice, and curry. Price range 6.99. I think it is rather cheap for really solid quality. If you are not familiar with the names of some the Thai dishes, there is a Ipad at the kitchen counter that provide digital menu with picture displayed.

The location is certainly convenient for folks live near Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor. I must say this is so far the best Oriental market I have found at north Pinellas.


This is authentic cuisine. I had the red curry with Tofu and fried spring rolls. It was so full of flavor and very comforting. Thank you!


Found this little Gem while in a Tampa !! I am sure glad I did !! Hands down the best Thai food I ever had. Made fresh to order with fresh ingredients . I has the Red Chicken Curry , and Papaya Salad . It was full of flavor and so delicious . I will stop there every time on my travels to Tampa now.


The food was fresh and very tasty!! Will go back for sure!!


Great local store with lots of goodies! Even offer cooking classes!


Great local shop.. Amazing Thai food!!! Great service!!
my new pad thai fix shop.


Went for a cooking class and I’m hooked with this place and the people that work here. Food is excellent. People now are like family. Looking for any kind of fresh veggies,noodles,rice,spices they have it or can get it for you. If you just want a dinner to eat there or take out you can’t go wrong. Everything is made fresh. Go in and make friends.


Just ate pad thia with tofu and fresh spring rolls from small resturant inside. Very tasty, good size and fast. Ill be back!!!


Very nice store… give them a try they have many types of Asian, Latino and Mediterranean foods.


Great store


Such a delight to have found this place! Best pad thai around. Super spring rolls and working on the rest of the menu. Free cooking classes every Saturday. They are worth a try, you won’t be disappointed. Friendly and helpful staff with a CLEAN restaurant. Respectful and caring.
Give them a try, you won’t be sorry.


I was in need of some Chinese cooking wine. I looked for an oriental market and found this one. When we went in to the store we were greeted by Som. She is the owner. She said they have only been open a few weeks. They are the new owners and will soon be offering FREE COOKING CLASSES. I have attended 5 of the 6 classes. Having a great experience and I’m making delicious food. The produce is always fresh and the store is very clean.


I ordered ground pork Larb and it was very tasty! Made to order with fresh ingredients. I am a huge kimchi fan so grabbed a container of their homemade kimchi and it did not disappoint. Fantastic service as well. Looking forward to returning.


Love your store! Yummy fresh rolls and Thai curries yesterday! Jeanette made the most delicious cabbage rolls and babganoush


I’m always on the hunt for new spots where I can grab Thai food. If it’s a quick and casual type of place that’s even better. My favorite sit down Thai spot is right down the road from here but I was excited when I saw the signs out front advertising fresh fast Thai food for dine in or to go here

I stopped by the other day for lunch. The menu in the restaurant is quite limited. I had planned to get amazing chicken but didn’t see it on the menu so I played it safe and settled for pad Thai

While waiting for food I looked around the store at all the international items they have for sale. They have a wide selection of around the world foods, mostly Asian and middle eastern. This is definitely the place to come if you’re looking for a specialty item.

When my food was ready (it took a while, I assumed they made it from scratch) I took a seat at one of the small tables up front. The first bite was quite surprising. It was unlike any pad Thai I had ever had. I liked that it was light and not as greasy as this dish usually is and I also liked the extra egg served in it. What I wasn’t crazy for was the seasoning. Pad Thai is supposed to be a sweeter peanut sauce flavor in my previous experience. This was quite spicy and didn’t really resemble a peanut flavor. They didn’t ask if I wanted it spicy but I’d say it was served medium to hot. Next time i would specify mild. Overall not bad but just a little hot for my preference. The staff was friendly and prices were reasonable

I’d probably come back again and try something else on the menu next time. If you’re looking for cheap and casual Thai grub this is worth a stop.


Very solid food in the back!

I understand the theme has changed. This used to be a Lebanese-ran business with pretty good Mediterranean food, but now some SE Asians run the place. All of the grocery items are Asian now, and the food in the back is Thai and Vietnamese. Curiously, La Chica and I rolled up in here to see what was going on and hopefully get some pho, but it wasn’t meant to be. They only make pho once in a while as a special, so I ordered up some pad Thai instead. The price was good at $8 and the taste was even better. Served on a large banana leaf, the noodles were piled high, lots of egg and sprouts and peanuts on the side. Only thing lacking was chicken. Mine had only 5 or 6 small poultry morsels. However, La Chica’s dish, the name of which I don’t recall, was chicken-laden, so I think she got some of mine. But besides that, I walked away stuffed and satisfied.

While we were there, the owner gave us some free samples of their Thai tea and curry. These too were excellent, and resulted in us getting two teas to go!


Attention all Yelpers in Pinellas County. You’ve got to check out SJ’s international Foods off of 580 and Cashman. It’s an Asian market that makes real authentic Thai food that will knock your socks off. If you want Tom Yum or Cocoanut nut milk soup or Pad Thai, or summer rolls. The selections are for real and oh so delicious. They also have freshly made Kim Chee and get this real Humus also. Son and Joe are the owners and they really explain everything how the market runs and what they have to offer. It’s also real clean and all the food is freshly prepared. So what are you wait for. Checking it out NOW. Thanks Son and Joe for a wonderful experience. Until next time.


The owner let me cut my own holy basil in the garden behind his shop because they don’t have any in the freezer. What a caring, customer-oriented he is indeed! One thing I wish they’d add is Thai seasoning powder named Rosdee (ผงรสดี) and some fresh chives (กุ้ยช่าย) that’d be awesome! ? Thanks a lot for your fantastic service!


Just bought some Thai basil to make pad grapow chicken today and it turned out amazing. The Thai basil was so fresh and tasty! Love this place everything is so good and the owner is so friendly and helpful!


Good ppl


they got that FULL ZONE shit going on everything neat as hell thats how I used to have cosmetics.


No, it’s on corner of Overcash and 580 in Dunedin next to Papa Johns pizza. Fabulous new owners and fabulous food to go!


My husband just popped in there to get get some Thai basil and told me to watch for the classes on here. Saw this pics of the shelves and WOW! Can’t wait to be more regular, that’s some packed shelves!


Today was my first trip to the store. My daughter and I enjoy our adventure outing. Everyone here was very helpful and nice. The items we bought were very good and we love it. I am glad to have a store like this near home so I don’t have to drive far to shop for my special dinners.


The new owners and staffs are very friendly,kind,nice and helpful. I planned to cook for my family today and stop by at store. I got all my stuffs I need with good price. If you looking for fresh, clean and excellent products from Asia or Middle East, I recommend this store. They got everything you need and they’ve good quality products and price. If I could I would give them 10 stars.